Greater Dallas 100

Sunday, May 19th 2013: The first annual Greater Dallas 100

You can see the Facebook event page here.

I, for one, am very excited to ride the Greater Dallas 100. Like the name implies, the route is a century around the Metroplex, around Beltline Road. 

Many cyclists in Dallas believe that the city is getting an unfair reputation as being unfriendly to bicycle riders. So, a handful of Dallas area cyclists are working on a new bike ride in the DFW metro area called the Greater Dallas 100.

But this isn’t your ordinary t-shirt Century ride. No, this ride uses a special format: There will be no entry fee and neither a Start or Finish line. The idea is that since Beltline loops around the greater Dallas area riders from around the Metroplex can travel to the nearest point to them on the route and start there. It’s made this way so groups can ride this route the way they want to. In either direction.

I like the idea, personally. I believe that especially when you combine this with DART’s light rail system you can make a good time of it. Be adventurous and go out, do your own route but still with other people!

Interested cyclists will travel from their home by bicycle or car to the nearest point of Belt Line Road. Then, they will ride on Belt Line Road in any direction they choose. They can ride a short route by going out and back – or they can do the full loop for 100 miles. The Greater Dallas 100 is self-supported and self-determined – it is YOUR ride.

This ride is also a good opportunity to show area cyclists what is being done for cyclists and cycling infrastructure in different parts of the Metroplex. Both good and bad you’ll see these communities from the saddle of your bike. Parts of this route are on wide and fast multi-lane roads and others are on off-street bike paths. It’s a true mix of urban cycling terrain.

I believe that this ride has the opportunity to show people in these communities how popular cycling is. People who rarely, if ever, see a cyclist in their neighborhoods. By doing this it can spur a change in cities which haven’t traditionally invested revenue into developing cycle paths and infrastructure!

The Greater Dallas 100 will provide a platform for the City of Dallas and the other municipalities to promote their cycling plans, bike lanes/trails, health/fitness initiatives, DART, clean air, multi-modal transportation efforts, exercise and regional tourism.

Let’s turn DFW into the most cycling friendly area in the Nation. We can do it!

You can find the GPS Map here.


  1. What date is the event?

  2. Sunday, may 19th

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