Saw this on Bike Rumor today and had to share:

Taken from Bike Rumor’s interview with Dave Watson

Bikerumor: So this is really for me, but I think our readers will appreciate it too – How did the Tour de France gap come about?

Dave Watson: Ha, well I was there that summer with the New World Disorder guys, filming with Cedric Gracia. I had this idea that I wanted to jump a train, I still want to jump a train, and it ramped up from there. So then I got the inclination that I wanted to jump the tour. We got in a car and started scouting for a good location, and we found it on the col de Galibier. We went back a month later, built the kicker,  and waited for the tour to come up. We also waited for a safe time to jump so as not to endanger the riders or cause an incident. We really spent a lot of time to make it safe as possible, but I had really no chance to work on the gnarly landing. The first 2 days there wasn’t anyone there, and we worked on the kicker but I was concerned for the riders, and I was concerned for landing – it was steep, but it was really rugged and rough. I wanted to jump Lance Armstrong -I thought that would be sweet, but he was a ways back and the helicopters were flying really low to the ground. We were in this bowl of the alps, and all of a sudden it was filled with 30-40k people, there were just way too many people to jump. So I sat down and waited, about an hour went by, and then the bowl just emptied out, and there were still some late packs riding through, I think it was the 7th or 8th pack back from the leaders. I would have preferred for the gap to go out further, instead of being such a drop. Everything was kind of rushed, but I made sure landing was clear, and aired it. It ended up being more of a lob than an air, I had to jam on the brake just before the take off, and when I landed it bucked me hard, blew my rear shock, and sent me over the bars. I really hoped to stomp it. I was so bummed that I didn’t stomp it, up to that point I had nailed all my big airs. Afterwards the gendarmes came by and gave me a ticket, but after I explained it they were pretty cool. The race continued on, and that was that.