ODiM: Come together, alright!

Thank you to Bike Friendly Mid-Cities
for bringing us all together!

Oh, damn, it’s Monday. Again! I know! When will it ever end? But it’s okay, another weekend might be over but if yours was anything like mine that just means you’ll finally be able to rest up.

The past two weeks have seen me getting together with various groups, it’s been busy and fun all at the same time. First was Austin last week (I know, I missed a week’s worth of writing, it was hectic). I was down at the capitol with 100 other incredibly passionate bike-heads all of whom are major Bike Advocates in their various communities across the state. And this weekend? Well, we had yet another group bike camping trip (S24O) and if you’ve ever joined me and my friends on one of those then you’ll know how THAT goes!

But why is this so important? Why is it such a big deal to do these things – camping, advocacy, rides as a group? It’s because we are always stronger in a group.

I learned this while out by myself, riding across the country on a 150lb bike all alone. All I could think about was what I was missing. And it didn’t help that the Fort Worth Night Riders kept posting pictures of their rides, showing me 60 people riding together around their city drinking beer and ringing bells. Smiles all around!

Cyclists in Suits Texas Bike Lobbying day.
But aside from that it’s about spreading our joy. I told someone last week that I feel as though I owe it to the sport to get more people involved in cycling. Whether that be by racing, touring, commuting to work or just riding a beach cruiser down the bike path. This sport has given me so much in life and it would be selfish of me to not try and help others get the same.

So, this week go out and think about what cycling has given you! Has it helped you lose weight? Meet new friends? Get crazy tan lines? Just think about it then help someone else into the sport even if it’s only through encouragement!

Give back; till next Monday.



  1. What kind of cycling friendly tent is that and where can I buy one? I hope to leave my house on two wheels, spend the night and return the next day soon. Thanks,

  2. I’ll ask lorne and let you know! check back!

  3. Thanks!

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