The new thing!

My happy place; the saddle of a bike and gravel under my tires.

Lately it’s been work, work, work all day doing the (somewhat) 9-5 routine. I like it, I like the structure it gives me and I really enjoy my ride to work on my new commuting bike (It has gears! Eight of ’em!)

But the thing that has me going is my need to get out and be lost for a little bit. That’s why I like these paths along the Trinity River, whether that’s in Fort Worth or Dallas. But they’re different.

Fort Worth’s trail system is more of a linear version of Dallas’ White Rock Lake, full of people all riding the same path. The Dallas trail wants to one day be like that, they’re currently building it up, improving it’s surface… That’s great, sure, but I’m going to miss the dusty, rocky surface. And the tranquility which comes from being the only person crazy enough to ride it.

But that’s progress, right? That’s the crockpot mash-up stew of society telling us Go Big or Go Home, that’s what we get living in a world with other people. So I’ll take it. I’ll take it so I can enjoy myself and those around me.

Oil Boom playing at Southside’s local watering hole, The Boiled Owl.

I know, this post is a bit of a ramble. I’ve felt as though this blog has gotten a little too structured. I’ve felt the need to get on here and just blab away. So here I am listening to my friend’s radio station The Southside Pirate (ARRRRGGH!!!) which is a surprisingly listenable mix of local music from the DFW area, and Fort Worth’s Southside neighborhood in particular.

But what is local? It seems that over the past year I have discovered a mix of different localities, and tried(?) to fit in to one, maybe more of them. Currently I live in Fort Worth and work in Dallas. I hang out in Deep Ellum and Southside, both. The bike shop I work at is near White Rock Lake, beside Dallas’ Lakewood neighborhood but when I’m home I hang out on the block, on Magnolia. All these places have their fanatics and most of those people are happy just being where they are. Maybe it’s the fact that I have moved around so so much over the years but I see this wonderful and crazy metropolitan mess called DFW as my home.

We have the train, that beautiful, speedy form of mass transit called the Trinity Railway Express which goes between the two cities making my car-free existence possible. (Too bad it doesn’t run on Sundays, though!!!) It’s here, in the Metroplex, that is my home. But I like all of it. And I’m just now getting to the point where I want to (scary thought) grow roots.

I know. This was a lot. And I doubt anyone is actually going to read this but if you do then maybe, MAYBE, you’ll get what I’m saying. Maybe? I don’t know. I’m going to drink another cup of coff and go out for a ride, get a taco, maybe, before work.

See you on the road!

Come out to the next group S24O at Grapevine Lake!
It’s going to be a truly metropolitan group camping trip with people
from all across Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and the Mid Cities!


  1. We all need to get out and get lost for a while…
    Enjoyed this post..


  2. Thanks, Trevor!

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