Couple injured in hit and run while riding in Dallas.

Two cyclists in love, both hit while out riding.

Last night a couple was hit while riding their bikes down a street; a popular cycling route.  The driver in a “white Chevrolet pickup” (The Dallas News article HERE) ran a red light and hit Melanie Jarrett and her fiancee Sean Clancy as they rode through the intersection of Gaston Ave and Hall St in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood.

This happened just hours after my girlfriend and I saw them. We were all talking about fun rides and camping trips we wanted to do in the future. Fortunately they are both relatively okay; they’re both alive. Sean, though, has a mild concussion as well a hurt shoulder.

“Sean’s still in a daze,” says Jarrett when reached this morning, referring to the concussion he suffered as a result of the hit and run. “But in a couple of days he’ll want to do something. I told him, ‘You’ll get angry, and I know you — you’ll want to do something about this.’

I know the feeling, it’s as if you’ve suddenly realized your vulnerability. Then there’s the fact that you have no idea who the person is that hit you. And then you ask yourself, “how can this bastard sleep at night not knowing whether or not they killed me?”

It’s just so shocking to think about someone looking in their rear-view mirror and seeing two people lying in the middle of the street — and not stopping. It’s terrifying.”

“And the driver kept going,” Jarrett says. “He didn’t even slow down.”

The driver is still not in custody.



  1. Oh my. I am the survivor of a head on crash caused by someone who never stopped. I know how that feels. Prayers headed their way.

  2. It’s horrible! And he’s still not in custody!

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