Ride to support the Dallas Bike Plan!

The Pegasus has a plan.

A few months ago I went on a little ride from Downtown Dallas to City Hall (a REALLY short ride if you know the area!).  And while it wasn’t focussed on the mileage it was good to showcase what the city known for it’s horrible driving is doing to become more Bike Friendly.

So I was excited when I heard that the amazing (and amazingly organized) guys at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff were at it again!

Dallas is at a tipping point of sorts.  It’s a city which likes to be the best and have the best and it’s learning that cycling is now cool, and that more people will move to the city if it were only to embrace not only the sport but bikes as a transportation alternative.

Want to join?  Meet at Main St Gardens in Downtown
at 8:30 for coffee and a ride to City Hall!

From Bike Friendly Oak Cliff:

As discussed in a recent post of ours on BFOC’s site, the Dallas City Council will be briefed about the progress of the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan.  BFOC is hosting a group ride that morning to city hall from Oak Cliff.  We encourage any other Bike Friendly groups to rally their troops and meet up at 8:30 AM at Main St Gardens park to then head over together to attend the meeting.

Once the agenda has been posted to city hall’s website, we’ll update this posting with that information.  Here are the group ride details:
  • Date:  Wednesday, February 6th
  • Oak Cliff meet up location:  Oddfellow’s in the Bishop Arts
  • Meet up time:  7:40 AM
  • Departure time:  8:00 AM
  • Destination:  Main St Garden park
  • Arrival time:  8:30 AM
  • Departure time:  8:45 AM
  • Council meeting start time:  9:00 AM
  • RSVP on Facebook

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  1. Are they going to do this even again soon? I love riding bicycles but I am not the sporty type one.

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