“But why do I want to get a Cyclocross bike, Colin?” This was a couple months ago, after my little run in with that car. I was in need of a new bicycle after my last one decided to run off with an auto. “I should get another road bike!”
“Zac, think of the options, and more importantly, think of how you like to ride.” After getting to know and like Colin for a little over a year by that point it was safe to say that he knew my riding style. And yes, to be fair, I’ve always been a little different than the normal Roadie.
This is a little much for riding the trails but great for commuting/light traveling!
I like riding gravel on skinny, slick tires. And every once in a while I like to go out on the local mountain bike trails – on my road bike.
“…okay, Colin, perhaps you’re right.” I never like to lose a fight – even if it’s just an argument. But he was right! And it would be nice to have the choice to run some fatter rubber.
Aldous, sans rack and panniers.
That was about two months ago. Since building up the Soma Double Cross (whose name might be Aldous)I have embraced the ‘cross lifestyle. Sure, this sort of bike might be a little heavier than its road cousin but MAN can this thing do just about anything I ask of it! Like the day I was coming back from the AltCar Expo.
I was on the train back from Plano and jumped off in Hurst so I could swing by Arlington. It’s always nice to stop through there, see some friends or even just ride those roads, they hold so many memories for me, it’s nice to go back from time to time. This particular occasion, however, I went straight to River Legacy Park and before I realized what I was doing I was at the mountain bike trail head. Let’s get dirty!
The River Legacy DORBA trailhead.
Thank you David Hahn for the pic. 
But I was riding this bike – nearly – fully loaded. About fifty pounds of crap in three bags strapped to my rear rack. Good thing I carry a multi tool.
Imagine the scene: you’re sitting on the tail gate of your truck in between loops of your local trail when you see a guy roll up wearing jeans and a collared, button down dress shirt. And the bike he’s on has these enormous orange saddle bags over the rear wheel. You both nod at each other, not really knowing what is about to happen – “commuters don’t usually come over here…”
It only takes about ten minutes to remove the bags and un-bolt the rack. After that I was on the dirt and sliding through the trail’s turns. River Legacy’s trail is great, both for beginners and advanced cyclists alike. I really like the inner EKG loop, it was built by a couple friends of mine and the back half of which is like a monster pump track! A great ride, for sure.
Then there is the Prairie loop – that was where my 32mm slick road tires weren’t working as well as something a little knobbier. But it was fine, just keep the power on and pedal through, right? Umm…
So yeah, a cross bike? Really? Yes, I’ve seen the light and love this little mix. I’m glad I listened to my friend and got it, it’s the perfect bike for me, right now. I love being able to have my rack on it and use those old panniers I’ve got – makes those grocery runs easier! Yet I still take it on some faster group rides and put in the miles on the road. Like I said, it’s almost perfect.
Versatility sure is nice!