Did you ride your bike today?

Bikeyface sums it up best with the new post about being stuck in a car, in traffic.

Traffic Talk:


David vs Goliath: A bike industry story.

***UPDATE*** Specialized Withdraws Lawsuit…


It truly was a David and Goliath battle this week for a bike shop owner in Canada. Dan Richter owner of the Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio in Cochrane, Alberta  found out what it’s like going toe to toe with an industry powerhouse.

(“I $@#&ing HATE Bullies” from RKP here)




Except the David in our story didn’t have the weapons to fight back.

Richter says his lawyer thinks they have a good case to make, but the fight could cost upwards of $150,000 in legal fees, a price too steep for his small company.

Fortunately Mr. Richter went public, and that’s when things got interesting.


Over the course of the next three days the story of this small town bike shop being slapped around by the big bad corporation spread like a brush fire in West Texas. (Read BRAIN’s coverage here.)

IAMSPARTICUSOn all the social media sites you would run across #ROUBAIX and a mess of other images. People getting behind and supporting the little guy.

sue me S

Bike Snob does a good job with this one.

Remember, YourBikeHatesYou did one, too.

And it worked! People stood up and together they said “I am Roubaix – er – SPARTACUS!”

Advanced Sport International - the company who owns the Fuji brand of bikes AND the original owner of the Roubaix trademark (it was a Fuji bike model LONG before they licensed the name to Specialized) – told BRAIN on Monday that “Specialized Bicycle overstepped its bounds when it registered the Roubaix trademark in Canada and then tried to prevent a Calgary retailer from using the name.”

Take a minute and read THAT particular article here.

Yes. It looks as if the little guy got the support he needed when the Bully came over to pick a fight. Cafe Roubaix posted this on their Facebook page last night:


We can announce that your voices have been heard. We are now back in discussions with the other party. We are aware of recent announcements by third parties within the industry.

We thank you for your continued support. Also note, we are working on getting a pre-order sorted out for our popular shop jersey. Made by Santini. On our online sales – YOU are amazing people. Needless to say, we will be sorting out orders for a while. Over the weekend, we have received over 3500 emails, hundreds of phone calls and messages, how many #s and @s? Tweets? Do numbers go that high? Our little studio is just barely 900 sqft and cycling fans, cyclists, Velomintus, industry leaders & big shots, pro riders, and icons have all made their voice heard.

Thank you.



I think AngryBuddhist finishes this whole tale well when he asks about the Specialized lawyer:

He is so fired right? I mean his actions just caused the internets to take an unholy crap all over you. But he was surely doing as demanded. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. They eat their young. Lawyers and sharks and Sin yards.


Because #CrossIsBoss!



Here in Dallas we have what has become a great light rail system with DART but it’s about to become even better. The Orange line is headed to the airport!


You see, I have a dream of being able to ride my bike to the airport, pack it up (I’ll need a cool folding bike) and fly away to some other city. I want to be able to get off the plane somewhere like San Fran or Denver, maybe Seattle and then get out and into their city with my bike and a backpack for a night or two.

Now with DART’s expansion out to DFW airport this dream of mine is becoming a reality.

The DART Orange Line expansion to DFW airport.

There is a public meeting covering this expansion on Dec 11, if you’re at all interested in this project please go out and chat with the people involved and let’s usher in a new era in multi-modal transport in Dallas!

Dallas is becoming more Bike Friendly! Can you believe it?

It seems like only yesterday that Dallas was labeled a bike UNfriendly city (it was last year, actually) now, just 12 months later, the Alliance for Biking and Walking says we’re the 8th friendliest city in America when it comes to miles of bike facilities per square mile.


Great job, Dallas, let’s keep this ball – or bike? -rolling!

Lock That Thing Up!

Having your bike stolen is one of the worst things you can have to deal with. It’s an invasion of privacy and the loss of a faithful friend.


Read SWEETHOME’s review of the Kryptonite U Lock and Cable combo and in-depth study of the art of bike locking. (it’s pretty good, actually)


Also, check out this sneak peak into the Dutch ART Foundation who sets the lock security rating. I watched it, it’s worth the snarling.


But back to what lock to use. I have always loved the Mini U-Lock / 4 foot cable combo myself. Wear it over the shoulder and ride around the city knowing you can lock your bike to anything you’ll come across.


Citi Bike New York City: Urban Ride!

Bike share has become a hot topic over the last few years.  (read my post about Fort Worth’s) It is nice to be able to offer bikes to people on the street. And they’re like the carts you find in the airport; you can check them out in one location for a small fee then return them elsewhere.


Now watch the video below to see how one New Yorker goes out for the day on a Citi Bike




Texas Custom Bike Show ’13

Get ready because it’s coming back to Dallas!

Oct. 19 and 20 in in Deep Ellum’s own Ruby Room the Texas Custom Bike Show (Facebook page HERE) will be showcasing Texas’ best frame builders in Steel, Titanium, Aluminum and Carbon.


Texas Custom Bike Show 13


Come by to shake the hands and pick the brains of the bike’s builders, look at their hand crafted machines and buy one for yourself. They’ll be wheeling and dealing so bring your checkbook!


It’s going to be an amazing time, don’t miss out!

200 miles in one day.

Yesterday I told everyone my goal to ride 230 miles in one day – Dallas to Austin (You can read that here.) Watch the video below to see another group of off their rocker cyclists attempt the same sort of ride.



Dallas to Austin: A motor-paced 200+ mile ride!

Well, here it goes…


I always like to make my dreams public, it helps to push me. Lights a fire under my ass as they say.


I want to ride from Dallas to Austin in a single day. That’s right, all 230-something miles in one long ride. One very long ride…

Texas Elevations

Texas Elevations



But I’m smart. (Smart? Crazy seems to fit better these days.) I’m going to bring some friends along. And a scooter. And we will do it on a day with a tailwind.

Oh, did I mention that Dallas to Austin is a downhill run, too?








And I mentioned that scooter. Yes, I have signed up a friend (and fellow bicycle blogger) to ride alongside us cyclists on his scooter. He’ll be there for moral support, sandwiches, extra layers of clothing and a draft! Yes! I want to motor pace to Austin!


What is motor pacing? Watch this:



This idea has been in there, in the back of my head for a while now. And when I saw Elbowz’ video of the ride they did one spring day from Austin I just knew I had to do it myself.


Yes, that’s the idea. 230 miles and 12+ hours in the saddle. If everything works out to plan we’ll have 4 strong riders racing hell bent to leather with a 35mph tailwind with a scooter in tow. I want to go fast.

I want to go FAST!


And for those of you that want a deeper look into what a motor pacing scooter looks like watch this:




Watch another 200 mile video here.